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Special Study Module (SSM) 2013 & 2014 (first image)
Convenors: Prof Steve Reid & Dr Dawn Garisch
“Stories of illness; ways of presenting and representing sickness, and the consequences for health”
The project aimed to explore the different uses of language and investigate the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Students are required to interview someone who is ill, and contrast the subjective experience of engaging with their story in an open-ended manner, with the objective method of taking a case history. The module facilitator assists the students in their own exploration through creative writing. They also research the benefits and limitations of narrative medicine and other story-based approaches to promoting healing and well-being.

Special Study Module 2013 (second image)
Convenors: Prof Steve Reid & Prof Patrice Repar
“Arts & Healthcare”
The project aimed to explore the links and integration of the creative/expressive arts and health care in the South African context, including music, visual arts, dance and movement, creative writing and drama. It was aimed at encouraging medical students who are interested or involved in these areas, and have possibly put aside their artistic talents to focus on medicine, to explore how to integrate them into their future medical careers.