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Site Facilitators & Coordinators

Site Facilitators

4th year MBChB students at UCT are required to complete an eight-week course based jointly in the School of Public Health & Family Medicine and the Primary Health Care Directorate. The course's main constituent parts include a mini-epidemiological study and a health promotion intervention that, ideally, arises out of and is based on their epidemiological research. Students are also required to complete a health promotion oral presentation, reflective journal and assignment.

The 4th year Public Health and Health Promotion courses are designed to place students at community based teaching sites to expose them to multidimensional issues affecting health. The course aims to sensitize students to the PHC principles through epidemiology and health promotion projects. Students are expected to integrate public health and health promotion theories through practical engagement with "real world issues". Facilitation of students learning on site is a crucial part of achieving and reflecting these aims. In addition, the Site Facilitators role includes facilitating reflection and undertaking student assessment.

NGO Facilitators

In 2008 the Faculty embarked on an alternative pilot model whereby groups of five students are placed in one of two NGOs. The Cancer Association of Southern Africa (CANSA) and Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA) are currently being contracted. The projects that the students undertake are identified by the NGO and students gain insights into the actual and potential roles of NGOs as partners in the total health team. In the long term, such understanding on the part of health professionals is important to the NGO sector and in the short term, the NGOs benefit from the work done by the students under their supervision.

Site Coordinators

UCT Site Coordinators based at New Somerset Hospital, GF Jooste Hospital and Victoria Hospital provide logistical and administrative support to the clinical teaching and learning of MBChB students during their Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Family Medicine rotations. Support is also provided to the satellite community health centres including Hanover Park CHC, Gugulethu CHC, Mitchell's Plain CHC and Retreat CHC.