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Faculty Vision of CBE

UCTs Faculty of Health Sciences adopted primary health care as its Lead Theme and this new strategic direction led to the Faculty embarking upon a set of community-based educational, research and health service strengthening initiatives in the Western Cape, based on a PHC approach. At the heart of the PHC philosophy is a commitment to advancing the health of both individuals and communities, which is driven by respect for human rights. But it is recognized that, unless health interventions are developed and implemented with due regard to the best available evidence, this new enthusiasm will lead to scarce resources being squandered on actions that are inappropriate, ineffective or even harmful.

UCT's Faculty of Health Sciences sees Community Based Education as part of a broader initiative directed at:

  1. Inculcating, supporting and sustaining a specific approach to training health care workers within the Primary Health Care philosophy (PHC), the so-called "service-learning-research interrelationship"
  2. Creating within a sustainable, developmental framework, an innovative, multi- disciplinary learning environment for students which is:
    • Community-based
    • Adequately resourced
    • Caring and supportive
    • Physically secure
  3. Strengthening the District Health System by:
    • Providing on-site teaching, clinical expertise and modern communication facilities
    • Promoting mutually beneficial relationships between residents, civil society, service providers and the Faculty
    • Validating and acknowledging the role of PGWC and City of Cape Town personnel in the development of the Faculty's students
    • Contributing towards the on-going professional development of these personnel