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Key Principles

Health Promotion

The inclusion of health promotion in the training of health sciences students aims to build skills which will enable them to deal effectively with the diverse health needs of individuals and communities. Through their off campus learning, students have an opportunity to apply health promotion theory into practice and become aware of the importance of using multidimensional approaches to address health problems.

For example, students work in selected communities to implement health promotion projects and become aware of the importance of community participation, community involvement, partnerships, health rights, health promotion ethics and teamwork.

In addition, students also learn skills such as planning, organizing, facilitation, networking and communication. Through reflection on the health promotion process, students become aware of the barriers and challenges facing health promotion in the country. It is envisaged that, through this training, students will realize the need for committed and accountable health promotion practitioners who are dedicated to support actions for “social change” to improve health for all.


The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO 1986) guides all the health promotion work of the PHC Directorate.