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Journal Articles


Meyer, GD., Meyer, TN. and Gaunt, B. 2018. Validity of the South African Triage Scale in a rural district hospital, AFRICAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE, 8:145-149, 2018.

Keikelame, MJ. 2018. ‘The Tortoise under the couch’: an African woman’s reflections on negotiating insider- outsider positionalities and issues of serendipity on conducting a qualitative research project in Cape Town, South Africa, International Journal of Social Research Methodology 2018, 21(2):219-230, 2018. / ISSN: 1364-5579 (Print)

Pattinson, RC., Vannevel, V., Barnard, D., Baloyi, S.,  Gebhardt, GS., Le Roux, K., Moran, N., and Moodley, J. 2018. CLINICAL UPDATE: Failure to perform assisted deliveries is resulting in an increased neonatal and maternal morbidity and mortality: An expert opinion, SOUTH AFRICAN MEDICAL JOURNAL (SAMJ): IN PRACTICE 2018, 108(2):75-78. ISSN 2078-5135. DOI:10.7196/ SAMJ.2018. v108i2.12786. Open Access Creative Commons.

Maconick, L., Jenkins, LS., Fisher, H., Petrie, A., Boon, L. and Reuter, H. 2018. Mental health in primary care: Integration through in-service training in a South African rural clinic, African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine (PHCFM), 10(1): 1-7, 2018. ISSN: (Online) 2071-2936, (Print) 2071-2928. DOI: AOSIS Open Access.

Kaminer, D., Crawford-Browne, S. and Eagle, G. 2018. Continuous traumatic stress as a mental and physical heath challenge: Case studies from South Africa, Journal of Health Psychology (jhp), 23(8):1038–1049, 2018. Print ISSN: 1359-1053. DOI: 10.1177/1359105316642831

Wu, Q., Ge, T., Emond, A., Foster, K., Gatt, J., Hadfield, K., Mason-Jones, A., Reid, S., Theron, L., Ungar, M. and Wouldes, TA. 2018. Original Research: Acculturation, resilience, and the mental health of migrant youth: a cross-country comparative study, PUBLIC HEALTH, 162:63-70, 2018. ISSN: 0033-3506 (Elsevier Sciences

Reid, S., Conradie, H. and Felix-Daniels, D. 2018. The effect of undergraduate students on district health services delivery in the Western Cape Province, South Africa, AFRICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS EDUCATION (AJHPE), Research: 10(1):56-60, March 2018. DOI:10.7196/ AJHPE.2018. v10i1.959

Reid, SJ., Peacocke, J., Kornik, S. and Wolvaardt, G. 2018. Compulsory community service for doctors in SA: A 15-year review, SOUTH AFRICAN MEDICAL JOURNAL SAMJ (RESEARCH), 108(9):741-747, September 2018. ISSN 2078-5135. DOI:10.7196/SAMJ.2018.v108i9.13070

Baum, R. 2018. Unconscious seduction: desire and disability in dance/movement therapy, Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy - An International Journal for Theory, Research and Practice, 13(3):156-169), 2018. ISSN: 1743-2979 (Print). DOI: 10.1080/17432979.2018.1475421 Journal homepage:

Irlam, JH. and Zuidgeest, M. 2018. Barriers to cycling mobility in a low-income community in Cape Town: A Best-Worst Scaling Approach, Case Studies ON Transport Policy, 6:815-823, 2018.ISSN 2213-624X.

Reid, S. 2018. 20 Years of community service in South Africa: what have we learnt? Chapter 5: 41-50, In: South African Health Review 2018. Editors: Rispel, LC. and Padarath, A. Health Systems Trust. ISSN 1025-1715. URL:

Tsampiras, C. and Muller, A. 2018. Overcoming ‘Minimal Objectivity’ and ‘Inherent Bias’: Ethics and Understandings of Feminist Research in a Health Sciences Faculty in South Africa, Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics, 2(2):1-16, 2018. ISSN: 2542-4920


Keikelame, MJ., Swartz, L., Hendriksz, M., and Suliaman, T. 2017. Review Article: Psychosocial challenges affecting the quality of life in adults with epilepsy and their carers in Africa: A review of published evidence between 1994 and 2014, AFRICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMARY HEALTH CARE & FAMILY MEDICINE, 9(1):1-5, 2017. doi: 10.4102/phcfm.v9i1.1275. ISSN: 2071-2928. Open Access AOSIS.

Visser, ME., Durao, S., Sinclair, D., Irlam, JH. and Siegfried, N. 2017. Micronutrient supplementation in adults with HIV infection (Review), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (cochrane library), Issue 5:1-147, 2017. Art. No: CD003650. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003650.pub4. Open Access.

Keikelame, MJ. 2017. ‘The Tortoise under the couch’: an African woman’s reflections on negotiating insider- outsider positionalities and issues of serendipity on conducting a qualitative research project in Cape Town, South Africa, International Journal of Social Research Methodology 2018, 21(2):219-230, 2017. / ISSN: 1364-5579

Le Roux, K., Akin-Olugbade, O., Katzen, LS., Laurenzi, C., Mercer, N., Tomlinson, M. and Rotheram-Borus. MJ. 2017. Immunisation coverage in the rural Eastern Cape - are we getting the basics of primary care right? Results from a longitudinal prospective cohort study, SAMJ RESEARCH, 107(1):52-55, Jan 2017. ISSN 2078-5135.  DOI:10.7196/SAMJ.2017.v107i1.11242

Rotheram-Borus, MJ, Christodoulou, J., Le Roux, K., Le Roux, IM., Mbewu, N., Laurenzi, C. and Tomlinson, M. 2017. TRIALS Study Protocol: To evaluate if increased supervision and support of South African Government health workers’ home visits improves maternal and child outcomes: study protocol for a randomized control trial, BIOMED CENTRAL (Open Access), 18:368:1-10, Aug 2017.


Mbuagbaw, L., Mursleen, S., Irlam, JH., Spaulding, AB., Rutherford, GW. and Siegfried, N. 2016. Efavirenz or nevirapine in three-drug combination therapy with two nucleoside or nucleotide-reverse transcriptase inhibitors for initial treatment of HIV infection in antiretroviral-naïve individuals (Review), COCHRANE LIBRARY: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 12:1-94, 2016. DOI: 10.1002/ 14651858. CD004246. Pub4.

Hodkinson, P., Wallis, L., Argent, A., Reid, S., Perera, R., Harrison, S., Thompson, M., English, M., Maconochie, I. and Ward, A. 2016. Pathways to Care for Critically Ill or Injured Children: A Cohort Study from First Presentation to Healthcare Services through to Admission to Intensive Care or Death, PLOS ONE, 1-16, 2016. Open Access: DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0145473. ISSN: 1932-6203

Keikelame, MJ. and Swartz, L. 2016. “The others look at you as if you are a grave”: a qualitative study of subjective experiences of patients with epilepsy regarding their treatment and care in Cape Town, South Africa, BMC International Health and Human Rights,16:1-9, 2016.Open Access:DOI 10.1186/s12914-016-0084-0. ISSN 1472-698X

Scott, V., Sanders, D. and Crawford-Browne, S. 2016. Critiquing the response to the Ebola epidemic through the lens of the Primary Health Care Approach, BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 16(410):1-9, 2016. BioMed Central Open Access, DOI 10.1186/s12889-016-3071-4. ISI: 1471-2458

Irlam, J, Pienaar, L. and Reid, S, 2016. Research: On being agents of change: A qualitative study of elective experiences of medical students at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa, AFRICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS EDUCATION (AJHPE) 8(1):41-44,May 2016. ISSN: 2078-5127 (online)

Jones, CHD., Ward, A., Harrison, S., Hodkinson, PW., Wallis, LA., Dunstone, L., Reid, S., and Argent, A. 2016. Research Article: Caregivers’ Experiences of Pathways to Care for Seriously Ill Children in Cape Town, South Africa: A Qualitative Investigation, PLOS ONE, 1-15, 2016. Open Access: PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151606.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0151606 ISSN: 1932-6203

Keikelame, MJ. and Swartz, L. 2016. ‘Whom will I give him to? The difficulty is mine’: Psychosocial difficulties experienced by care givers of patients with epilepsy in Cape Town, South Africa, JOURNAL OF HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY (JHP), 21(11):2550–2561, 2016. DOI: 10.1177/1359105315581065. ISSN: 1359-1053

Kaminer, D., Crawford-Browne, S. and Eagle, G. 2016. Continuous traumatic stress as a mental and physical heath challenge: Case studies from South Africa, Journal of Health Psychology, 1-12, 2016. DOI: 10.1177/1359105316642831 Print ISSN: 1359-1053.

Keikelame, MJ. and Swartz, L. 2016.Empirical Study: ‘‘It is always HIV/AIDS and TB’’: Home-based carers’ perspectives on epilepsy in Cape Town, South Africa, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITATIVE STUDIES ON HEALTH AND WELL-BEING, 11(30213):1-9 Open Access: eISSN 1748-2631 / ISSN 1748-2623

Tsampiras, C. 2016. “Stubborn Masculine Women” Violence, Slavery, the State, and Constructions of Gender in Graaff-Reinet,1830–1834, RADICAL HISTORY REVIEW, Ways of Seeing and Knowing Violence:126:107-121, Oct 2016. ISSN: 0163-6545 doi 10.1215/01636545-3594457

Strasser, R., Couper, I., Wynn-Jones, J., Rourke, J., Chater, B. and Reid, S. 2016. Education for rural practice in rural practice, EDUCATION FOR PRIMARY CARE, 27(1):10-14. ISSN: 1473-9879 (Print) 1475-990X (Online); DOI: 10.1080/14739879.2015.1128684

Book Chapters


Cairncross, E., Dalvie, A., Euripidou, R., Irlam, J. and Naidoo, RN. 2018. Climate Change and Air Pollution: The Impact on Human Health in Developing and Developed Countries. Part 111 Case Studies: Developing Countries/Regions: Chapter 20: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health in South Africa, 327-347, Editors: Akhtar, R. and Palagiano, C. Series Editor: Dodson, J. Springer International Publishing (Springer Climate). No of pages in book: 3-430. ISBN 978-3-319-61345-1. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-61346-8

Reid, SJ. 2018. ASSAF Consensus Study Report Panel Member: ASSAF Academy of Science of South Africa & Department Science and Technology Republic of South Africa Reconceptualizing Health Professions Education in South Africa.  Author: Chapter 9: “Internship and Community Service in South Africa: Implications for undergraduate education”, 161-179; Co-author: Chapter 5: “Health Professionals’ Education for Practice in Rural and Underserved Areas, 93-101. No of pages in report: 260, March 2018. ISBN 978-0-9947117-6-2. DOI

Reid, SJ. 2018. At the Foot of the Volcano: Reflections on teaching at a South African university. Chapter 10: Lessons from the heart, 123-134, Editor: Levine, S. Human Sciences Research Council (published by BestRed, an imprint of HSRC Press). No of pages in book: 154. ISBN 978-1-928246-19-0.


Tsampiras, C. 2017. Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision. Chapter 3: Chaos, Complexity and Contexts: Some Considerations for Supervision, 31-48, Editors: McKenna, S., Clarence-Fincham, J., Boughey, C., Wels, H. and van den Heuvel, H. Sun MeDIA Stellenbosch (Sun Press), South Africa. No of pages in book: 262  ISBN 978-1-928357-31-5 (hbk) DOI: 10.18820/9781928357323

Baum, R. 2017. Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision. Chapter 6: A Feminist Approach for Emancipatory Supervision 79-100, Editors: McKenna, S., Clarence-Fincham, J., Boughey, C., Wels, H. and van den Heuvel, H. Sun MeDIA Stellenbosch (Sun Press), South Africa. No of pages in book: 262. ISBN 978-1-928357-31-5 (hbk) DOI: 10.18820/9781928357323

Cairncross, E., Dalvie, A., Euripidou, R., Irlam, J. and Naidoo, RN. 2017. Climate Change and Air Pollution: The Impact on Human Health in Developing and Developed Countries. Part 111 Case Studies: Developing Countries/Regions: Chapter 20: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health in South Africa, 327-347, Editors: Akhtar, R. and Palagiano, C. Springer International Publishing (Springer Climate). No of pages in book: 430. ISSN 2352-0698. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-61346-8

Irlam, J. 2017. Climate Risk and Vulnerability: A Handbook for Southern Africa 2nd Edition. Chapter 11: Human Health, Case Study E: Barriers to cycling mobility in Masiphumelele, Cape Town, 121, Lead authors: Davis-Reddy, C. and Vincent, K. CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa. No of pages in book: 202. ISBN 978-0-620-76522-0 (electronic version)

Tsampiras, C. 2017. The ANC and the Liberation Struggle in South Africa: Essential Writings. Chapter 17: Sex in a Time of Exile: An Examination of Sexual Health, AIDS, Gender and the ANC, 1980-1990, 353-379, Editor: Simpson, T. London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, May 2017. No of pages in book: 386. ISBN 978-1-138208-26-1

Reid, S, 2016. Family Medicine: The Classic Papers. Series: WONCA Family Medicine. Chapter 26 by S Moosa: ‘Bob Mash and Steve Reid on Family medicine in Africa (2010)’, Editors: Kidd, M., Heathe, I. and Howe, A. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, UK. No of pages in book: 434. ISBN 978 1846199943


Reid, SJ. 2016. Routledge International Handbook of Medical Education. Part 1: The mission of the medical school. Case study 1.5: Lessons from eight medical schools in South Africa: The CHEER Collaboration, 9-10, Editors: Bin Abdulrahman, KA., Mennin, S., Harden, R. and Kennedy, C. Routledge International Handbooks, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxon & New York. No of pages in book: 377. ISBN 978-0-415-81573-4 (hbk)

Baum, R. 2016. Mediterranean Modernism: Intercultural Exchange and Aesthetic Development (Meditteranean Perspectives). Part II: Communal Reflections of the Postcolonial Mediterranean. Chapter 12: Gender Dystopia on the Kibbutz: From Plato to Marx, 283-315, Editors: Goldwyn, AJ. and Silverman, RM. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, United States of America. No of pages in book: 373. ISBN 978-1-137-58927-9 (hbk)

Conference Abstracts


Reid, S: 2018. 15th WONCA World Rural Health Conference (WRHC) 2018: Healing the Heart of Healthcare – Leaving No-One Behind!, 1. Oral Presentation: Resilience and Adaptability in Rural Health Professionals: a way of understanding ourselves. 2. Oral Presentation: The Rural Determinants of Health: principles for a theoretical framework. 3. Presenter Panel Discussion: In what ways is Family Medicine in low and middle income countries different to high income countries? India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India 26-29 April 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. SAAHE Conference 2018 (SA Association of Health Educationalists): Deconstructed, decentralized, decolonized discourses and debates - Widening our horizon, 1. Workshop Presentation: Compulsory Community Service as a “testing ground” for the Undergraduate Education of Health Professionals in South Africa 2. Poster Presentation: ‘Medicine’ for the social determinants of health: the role of critical health humanities and the arts in health sciences education 3. Co-Poster Presentation: Decentralized learning sites facilitate decolonized education, Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 27-30 June 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. UCT Teaching & Learning Conference 2018: Care Connect Create, Reflective Practice Co-Presentation: Medical Humanities Online: experiences from South Africa and Research Co-Presentation: A Curriculum Experiment in Eden District: Crossing boundaries to build caring relationships and resilience, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 17 July 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. The Network Towards Unity for Health (TUFH) and the University of Limerick Conference: Community Empowerment for Health: A Multi-Sectoral Approach - Becoming more socially accountable to communities, Poster Presentation: Medicine for the social determinants of health: the role of the arts, and critical health humanities in health sciences education, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, 16-20 Aug 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. RHC 2018 Rural Health Conference: Building the Legacy of Rural Health: Leadership, Advocacy & Clinical Care, 1. Oral Presentation: The Rural Determinants of Health: principles for theory 2. Plenary Panel Oral Presentation: The development of the rural health movement in South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa, 21-24 Sept 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. Fourth People’s Health Assembly (PHA-4), Invited Speaker: Sub-Plenary Session on Medical Education “Health Workers”, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 15-20 Nov 2018.


Reid, S. 2017. Pathways to Resilience IV Conference: Global South Perspectives, 1. Member of Local Organizing Committee. 2. Online Video Introduction: The Global South Panel. 3. Symposium Contributor & Chair: The development of resilience in service providers in 3 countries. 4. Symposium Presentation: Resilience alone is insufficient: health systems need innovation and advocacy. Cape Town, South Africa, 14-16 June 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. 3rd National Conference on Family Medicine and Primary Care: Healthcare, The Comprehensive Way - Family Medicine, Oral Presentation: The development of Family Medicine in India and South Africa - finding our own paths, Academy of Family Physicians in India (AFPI), Cochi, India, 27-29 January 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. World Summit on Social Accountability: Improving the Impact of Educational Institutions on People’s Health, Thematic Poster Presentation (Sub-Theme: Competencies that Socially Accountable Health Professionals should Possess and encourage): Measuring social accountability, patient-centredness and empathy in a cohort of final year medical students in a longitudinal rural programme, The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH), Hammamet, Tunisia, 8-12 April 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. Northern Network Congress Global Medical Humanities round table panel member: What does ‘global medical humanities’ mean and does it matter? Presentation: Integrating a holistic African worldview with the technology of Western medicine, and the implications of this for health and healing practices, Durham University, 14-15 Sept 2017.


Reid, S. 2016. The Medical Humanities Workshop: A North/South Dialogue on Postcolonial and Gender Methodologies, Presentation: Generalist medical care in Africa: context matters and PhD Course Seminar Programme: Medical Imaginaries: Postcoloniality and Gender in the Medical Humanities, Presentation: Singing and Healing: a postcolonial view of Social Medicine in South Africa, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, 30 May-2 June 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. SAAHE Conference 2016: Transformative Health Education in Motion, Session Facilitation on Equal Access to Health Services for All/ Transforming Health Education:  The need for Transparency and Acceleration in Health Professionals Education Transformation: A Public Scorecard on Faculties of Health Sciences’ Strategies, Progress and Good Practices in producing sufficient and advocacy-competent health care professionals for rural and underserved populations; and Session Facilitation on Transforming Health Education: Evidencing impact of social accountability activities within undergraduate training; and Poster Presentation on Humanising Health Pedagogy: The role of the arts in health sciences education, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 22-24 June 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. FPD Human Resources for the SA Health System Conference: Creating the people development and management foundation for universal access to health care and the NHI, 1st NHI Conference Series, Member of Organizing Committee and Oral Presentation (Workforce Planning & Development Track): “Balancing the needs for generalists and specialists in the South African Health System”, CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa, 28-29 November 2016.

Extension and Development Work


Reid, S: 2018. Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Conference & WUN Resilience Workshop 2018, Invited Participant: Public Health Workshop “Promoting Adaptability across the Life course” and WUN Resilience Project Workshop “Communication, Good Health and Wellbeing: Promotion, Advocacy and Resilience”, Perth, Australia, 20-30 May 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. International Inequalities Institute Annual Conference, “Un(der)employment and Inequalities in Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, 14-15 June 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. Stakeholder Indaba on the National Strategic Plan for Human Resources for Health, Invited Participant: Department of Health, Gauteng, South Africa, 7 August 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. ISC Technical Consultative Forum, Health Systems Trust, Department of Health, Gauteng, South Africa, 25 July 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. ASSAF National Health Research Summit, Gauteng, 13-14 September 2018.

Reid, S: 2018.Specialist Consultant HRH (Human Resources for Health): Health Systems Trust.

Reid, S: 2018. Dutch intern exchange student interviews for video documentaries on communicable/non-communicable diseases and public and private health care system injustices, 16 Oct 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. Alma Ata and PACK Congress, “Health for All, Leaving no one behind”, UCT, Knowledge Translation Unit, Cape Town, 25-26 October 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. Independent Peer Review: African Journal of Health Professions Education, 2018.

Reid, S: 2018. NMU Curriculum Assessor: Focus group to determine medical graduates’ experiences of community-based medical education in African and International universities, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nelson Mandela University, 2018.

Irlam, J. 2018. Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA), Climate Energy and Health Special Interest Group. Presentation to Parliamentary Committee on Energy public hearings on the Integrated Resource Plan, 23 Oct 2018.


Reid, S. 2017. Manuscript Review: “Performing the role – an art in the practice in medicine. A review article”,

African Journal of Health Professions Education (AJHPE) (2017).

Reid, S. 2017. Invited Collaborator: “To develop Family Medicine Education for developing countries”, Christian Medical College (CMC), Family Medicine Department Vellore, India (2017).

Reid, S. 2017. Session Presentation: “Common understanding of proposed framework and vision for each learning site by 2030”, Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) Workshop, Western Cape Government Health and City of Cape Town, PHC Strategy for the Metro District Health Services (MDHS), Lentegeur Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa (2017).

Reid, S. 2017. Invited Delegate: “To bring together researchers, artists and health practitioners to explore creative ways of addressing key issues in global health”, Global Medical Imaginaries Workshop, Centre for Population Health Sciences, The Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, Medical School, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 26-27 June 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. Sabbatical Residency: “To develop the field of Medical and Health Humanities in South Africa as the academic foundation of person-centred care”, Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University, United Kingdom, 23 June – 21 Sept 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. Tekano Health Equity SA Atlantic Fellows Thematic Consultation: Health and Health Care, Joint Curator: Wits School of Public Health, Johannesburg, South Africa, 21-22 June 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. GCRF Building Resilience Project Workshop: “Patterns of Resilience among Young People in a Community affected by drought: Historical and Contextual Perspectives”, Pretoria, South Africa, 4-5 Oct 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. Resilient Youth in Stressed Environments (RYSE) Team Meeting, Pretoria, South Africa, 6 Oct 2017.

Reid, S. 2017. Esteemed Invited Speaker: “Tackling the Hippo: infectious diseases at household and community level in rural areas” in Parallel Session on Management Systems in Rural Care, 7th Federation of Infectious Diseases Society of Southern Africa (FIDSSA), Europa Organization Africa Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 9-11 Nov 2017.


Reid, S. 2016. Invited Panel Member: “The BIG debate: Prospects and possibilities for the implementation of an NHI in SA”. Discussant/Presenter: “Where the private sector fits in: convergence, conflicts, opportunities?”, Oliver Tambo Fellowship, Postgrad Diploma in Health Management, SPHFM Health Policy Systems Division, UCT.

Reid, S. 2016. The Dutch platform for Family Medicine & International Health (WHIG): Guest Speaker: “Family Medicine in Africa: what are the differences and how could you help?”, Utrecht, Netherlands, 7 April 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Conference & AGM 2016 and WUN Resilience Working Group Workshops, Academic Lead & Resilience Workshop Chair: Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands 2-5 April 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. Invited Participant: The Humanization of Health Sciences through Innovation in Health Professions Education Workshop: University of Stellenbosch, 16 March 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. Invited Participant: “Thinking with Metaphors in Medicine: The State of the Art” Symposium: Devon, United Kingdom, 24–26 June 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. External Examiner: PhD dissertation ‘Learning processes and identity construction of newly qualified doctors: A narrative study’, College of Humanities, University of Kwazulu-Natal, 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. External Moderator: Population Health and Development: a Primary Health Care Approach 11 course module, School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape, 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. External Examiner: PhD dissertation ‘On being a rural origin Health Care Professional: Lives, learnings and practices’, University of Kwazulu-Natal, 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. External Examiner: PhD dissertation ‘The applicability of the theory of planned behavior to choosing a career as a rural physician in South Africa’, Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences, University of Pretoria, 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. External Examiner & Assessor: 6th Year MBChB Rural Rotations IPC3 2016, Dept of Rural Health, Centre for Rural Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal, 9-10 June and 23-25 November 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. WUN Resilience ‘Youth’ Working Group Project Workshop: “Systemic Resilience and Youth Wellbeing in Contexts of Petrochemical Production and Consumption in the Global North and South”, Cape Town, 3-5 May 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. South African Committee of Medical Deans (SACOMD) Meeting “The changing landscape in Medical Training in South Africa: Current and future reflections”, Invited Participant & Presentation: “International best practice in increasing the number of medical students”, Johannesburg, Wits University, 7 June 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. External Reviewer: PhD Proposal ‘Voice, representation and power in institutionalized community participation’, School of Public Health & Family Medicine, UCT, 9 June 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. Invited Key Stakeholder/Expert Interviewee: To discuss the knowledge, skills, attributes and attitudes needed by health professions graduates to meet the future health care needs in Africa as part of the 1st phase of a collaborative research project in response to the challenge by the HPCSA of tertiary institutions offering health professions qualifications, to demonstrate the social accountability of programmes, 2016.

Reid, S. 2016 Invited Interviewee: “15-year review on compulsory community service”, Jeff Moloi Show, Algoa FM (2016)

Reid, S. 2016. Invited Interviewee: “The exodus of doctors and how it contributes negatively to our healthcare system”, SAfm, 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. ‘Indigenous Health Knowledge’ Workshop, Donald Woods Foundation, Umtata, East London, South Africa, 1-2 July 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. ASSAF & SURMEPI Consensus Study Meeting: Reconceptualising Education and Training of an Appropriate Health Workforce for the Improved Health of the Nation, Session Coordinator: 1. “Health professionals in rural and underserved areas” and 2. “Community service, internship and the transition”, Gauteng, South Africa, 7 Sept 2017.

Reid, S. 2016. Zithulele Hospital Student Academic Supervisor: Provision of support and advice to Fulbright student researcher at Zithulele Hospital, Eastern Cape, South Africa as he assists Dr Karl le Roux with his research into the reasons for stock-outs in the rural clinics around Zithulele Hospital and helps to implement and monitor a project aimed at improving the provision of essential drugs.

Reid, S. 2016. The Atlantic Philanthropies Atlantic Fellows Programme Principals Meeting, Oxford, United Kingdom, 1-3 November 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. Restitution in South Africa Conference, Restitution Foundation, Human Sciences Research Council, Castle of Good Hope and Mandela Initiative, Cape Town, South Africa, 10 Nov 2016.

Reid, S. 2016. Opening of Zithulele Training an& Research Centre and Rural Health Seminar: Striving for excellence: Lessons from rural health – innovations, success stories and research from the rural coalface, Zithulele, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 17-18 November 2016.

Crawford-Browne, S. 2016. Member: Faculty of Health Sciences Curriculum Transformation Committee, UCT



Irlam, J. 2016. MSc Climate Change and Sustainable Development: “Barriers to Cycling Mobility in Masiphumelele: A Best-Worst Scaling Approach”, Dept of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, University of Cape Town.

Keikelame, M.J. 2016. Perspectives on epilepsy on the part of patients and carers in a South African urban township, Stellenbosch University.

Dissertations in progress


Crawford-Browne, S. Meaning constructions about violence and psychological adjustment amongst women residing in a high violence community.

Naidu, C. An evaluation of the development of social accountability of medical graduates at the University of Cape Town.

Beauzac, C. Regulating the Body: Health promotion and diabetes in the Western Cape, South Africa.